Phase II: Tai Ji Quan 
Lessons 1-4

Move With Nature Embodying Serpent Power

Phase I: The Eight Basic Skills

Lesson 1 – The Ocean of Qi
Qi is life-force. In this lesson, we pay attention to the sensation of our breathing within stillness and movement. Letting the mind drop down into the low abdomen or lower tan tien we drop our center of gravity into what’s called chi hai; the center from which everything flows from and returns to. In stillness, we become aware of breathing. With the awareness of breathing, comes the awareness of our center from which we move. As we pay attention to our center, we accumulate the Ocean of Qi; life-force in our center.

Lesson 2 – The Five Bows
We have five bows in the body: two arms, two legs and a spine. In this lesson we coordinate all five bows to move together. If one thing moves, everything moves. If one bow moves, all five bows move; from the the center.

Lesson 3 – The Centerline
The centerline runs from the perineum to the crown of the head. It is an imaginary line to begin with, but as we embody spiral power it becomes substantial. In Tai Ji, it is referred to as the steel thread wrapped in cotton. In this lesson, we begin to become aware of the centerline.

Lesson 4 – The Ocean Wave
The ocean wave is the ocean sensation we want to undulate up the spine. In this lesson, we work with the breath and physicality to undulate through the spine to begin training the spine to move like seaweed.