Jeff has been studying and teaching Tai Ji, Qigong, & Nei Gong for thirty years. His teachers Sifu Bruno Paluk, Master Wei Lun Huang, Master David Leung, and Grand Master Dong all led him into the magical world of spiral or serpent power; the union of Heaven and Earth within. His focus is the cultivation of life-force and the integration of serpent power for health, longevity, and enhanced performance. From his training and practice, along with his love for the Wilderness, he has co-developed with his sister Janani English and his students Way of The Serpent Power – a way in which to embody and integrate Serpent Power, the power of Presence, into one’s movement and life. Jeff has his own school in Santa Fe, New Mexico and holds workshops around the country. 

Jeff’s capacity for sharing his practice and knowledge of Tai Chi/ Qigong is nothing less than beautiful and precise. These qualities come due to his thousands of hours of intimate, self-reflective experience of the science and art that is Tai Chi/ Qigong.

His level of accomplishment exemplifies the power of the martial nature of the art by precisely controlling the directional flow of chi.

If many more human beings could learn to be in the flow of chi somewhere near that at which Jeff lives in his everyday life, it’s possible that the human race would begin dismantling its fascination with and eroticization of violence.

If you learn kinesiologically, watch him and then yourself with the utmost attention: you will feel and see and hear the change, the power, the silence, the moving chi of spirit.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Jeff. Simply astonishing. Life

changing–if you’re up for it!

Janani E.

I took one lesson in Tai Chi, when I was a teen and promised myself someday I’d learn all about it. Who knows where the time goes? I was past fifty by the time I got around to it. That’s when I met Jeff English. We crossed paths, literally, in the forest one day and I sensed I should begin training with him. He has proved to be a devoted practitioner and an inspired teacher, all along the way.

We’ve been meeting in the park at least five times a week, for years. That says a lot on its own. It’s a crunch to try and summarize benefits that manifest around every turn. Jeff funnels his experience with Taoist wisdom, body mechanics, tensile dynamics and spiritual discipline into a simple, elegant system that anyone can learn. He is amazingly patient. What’s more, he embodies a palpable sense of sacred presence in physical space. I have become lighter, stronger, steadier; life’s puzzle pieces seem to fall more easily in place.

Occasionally, I’d be aware of nourishing rhythm coming from the earth and the air, but before I began cultivating chi, glimpses were rare. This practice invites you deeper into each moment with increased clarity.  I’ve made steady, incremental improvements all along. It rewards any and all authentic effort one is willing to expend. Looking back, now, I’ve made a quantum leap from where I began. 

Sometimes I wonder what took me so long. I feel lucky that I finally began to study Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong. I hope that others, searching for what’s next, might find someone like Jeff to help them along.

Stryder S.